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We’ll be waiting for Unity 3D Editor on Linux very long

We’ll be waiting for Unity 3D Editor on Linux very long

I wrote to Unity Technologies an e-mail. And I got the answer:

Thank you for your email to Unity Technologies. I’m sorry you have felt forced to stop using Unity due to platform issues. The Linux community is important to us and there may be plans in the future for you guys, but for now, it isn’t in our pipeline.

Please submit your feedback directly to our development team who take all feedback seriously. You can do this here:

I submitted my feedback a long ago. I don’t believe Unity Team take these all words into considerations. The most important are profits for the company. And they think they won’t earn money on Linux. Well, they are wrong. Linux is a huge industry. It’s hard to say how many Linux users are in the world. Some people simply use Windows, but they play with Linux too. There are many, many Linux followers. And some of them will buy the license because Linux is a better platform for 3D graphics than Windows is. Alas, the power of Micro$oft is dictating terms. And Unity Community means nothing in reality.

Linux vs. Windows

Linux vs. Windows

I changed my Windows into openSuse and I’m glad. It’s one of my best decisions in my life. At last, I feel free with my computer. It’s bad many software companies are trying not to see Linux users. I’m really angry with them. The freedom would be more beautiful if every Windows software had always its equivalent in Linux. So far, it’s my dreams only. I’m a game developer, and the most powerful game engines are for Windows only. However, I won’t give up. I was forced to leave Unity 3D for Blender. Blender is a really good game engine; maybe even better than Unity 3D. Full modeling and animation support. No problems with exporting. Now, I’m learning Blender. Soon, you will get my new games. Some of them will be for free. So be patient!

Zombie Soldiers from Swamps, I — maybe better than Battlefield and Call of Duty

Zombie Soldiers from Swamps, I — maybe better than Battlefield and Call of Duty


Because I’m working over more advanced projects, I made a decision to make my game “Zombie Soldiers From Swamps – I” available for free for all people. You can play and copy it, but you can’t sell it or get money in other ways from this software. If you want to use it for commercial purposes, please contact me.

Here are some links on my game on YouTube:

To test the previous version of my game for free, please go to the links:!zsfs-i-demo/c1za9!zsfs-i—shootTo purchase our

To download the full version of my game (upgraded):

If any problems, doubts and questions, just contact me at:

Thank you!

Tomasz “Tomza” Zackiewicz

Lina IT Technologies

My First Game — “Zombie Soldiers from Swamps, I”

My First Game — “Zombie Soldiers from Swamps, I”


It’s a good time for me and my company — I’ve just finished my first game “Zombie Soldiers from Swamps, I”. You can buy the game sending a request at email:

The cost of the game is $10.

Please look for more information on my website and in the Internet. or just contact me.

Best wishes!