Orphaned Main Menu Entries in KDE

Orphaned Main Menu Entries in KDE

Sometimes, when you uninstall programs from your Linux, you see that some things remain in your KDE menu. There’s no software, but you see its remnants.

Right click on the Start Button (Main Menu Button) and choose the item for modifying programs from the context menu. You will get the window for editing programs in KDE menu. In the list, search for the program you have uninstalled and left some remnants. Right click and choose Remove.

Save new configuration and close the window.

Maybe it won’t be enough to get rid of remnants. So run the Console, be the root, then for openSuse go to the


directory using the cd command. Here, you can find all applications you have installed on your operating system. I had troubles with TeamViewer 8 that was still in my menu after having unistalled. Instead, I wished to install TeamViewer 9. So I run:

linux-7tpy:/usr/share/applications # ls

to get all items in the applications directory. I found


Then,  I run:

linux-7tpy:/usr/share/applications # rm teamviewer-teamviewer8.desktop

It removed the item.

If you still see the orphaned item in your KDE menu, be a normal user and go to the


subdirectory in your home directory.

poganin@linux-7tpy:~> cd .config
poganin@linux-7tpy:~/.config> ls
akonadi              gtk-2.0        MonoDevelop-2.8  tracker
autostart            gtk-3.0        oxygen-gtk       Trolltech.conf
BitDefender-scanner  gtk-qt-engine  pulse            unity3d
bleachbit            ibus           q4wine           user-dirs.dirs
blender              ilcontrast     qtcurve          user-dirs.locale
dconf                kde.org        Skype            vlc
enchant              libreoffice    stetic           xbuild
fontconfig           menus          synaptiks
goa-1.0              midori         teamviewer8
google-chrome        MonoDevelop    teamviewer9

You see the teamviewer8 directory. Remove it with option -r to do that recursively.

poganin@linux-7tpy:~/.config> rm -r teamviewer8

I restarted the operating system to be sure everything will be working well. The item for TeamViewer 8 disappeared from the KDE menu. There was TeamViewer 9 only. I made a shortcut on the desktop, and started TeamViewer 9. It worked.

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