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Konfiguracja Wi-Fi na openSUSE/Wi-Fi Configuration on openSUSE

Konfiguracja Wi-Fi na openSUSE/Wi-Fi Configuration on openSUSE

– instalujemy sterowniki do karty sieciowej (nie ma domyślnie w systemie, bo problemy z licencją): szukać w Internecie

– system wykrywa kartę sieciową i obecność routera/modemu (być może trzeba zrestartować system)

– idziemy do konfiguracji routera/modemu: w przeglądarce wpisujemy po prostu -> okno logowania -> wpisujemy użytkownik: admin i hasło: admin -> jesteśmy w w naszym routerze/modemie -> zakładka Interfejs -> podzakładka Wi-Fi -> patrzymy typ uwierzytelnienia -> jeśli WPA-PSK, szukamy klucza (np. EA8… itd.)

– kopiujemy klucz i wklejamy w do Network Managera w systemie operacyjnym. Najpierw  klikamy połączenie bezprzewodowe -> Dodaj -> w zakładce Bezprzewodowe musi być Nazwa połączenia i SSID oraz zaznaczone Połącz automatycznie -> w zakładce Zabezpieczenie bezprzewodowe -> Zabezpieczenie: WPA/WPA2 Personal (to samo co WPA-PSK) i wklejamy nasz klucz tj. nasz EA8… itd przy polu Hasło.

– Klikamy OK. Powinno działać. U mnie działa (bezprzewodowy i przewodowy na laptopie).



– install required drivers for your Wi-Fi adapter

– the system detects the Wi-Fi network adapter and your router/modem (you may be forced to restart the system)

– go to your router/modem configuration: you should write in your browser -> log in (user: admin and password: admin) -> we are in our router/modem -> go  to Interface tab -> go to Wi-Fi sub-tab -> seek the authorization type -> if WPA-PSK, seek the key, for example EA8… etc.).

– copy the key and then paste into Network Manager in your operating system : Click your Wi-Fi connection -> Under security settings, choose WPA/WPA2 Personal (your WPA-PSK) and paste your key that is EA8.. etc. near Password.

OK. It should works.

Unity3D and Linux

I’m leaving Windows to use Linux. However, I have a problem because one of my favorite programs, Unity 3D, isn’t working well on Linux. I am very angry with the Unity Team because they did not make Unity Editor for Linux. Such a version should have been made a long ago. I see many people leaving Unity 3D because this software doesn’t work with Linux. Yes, some hackers can start Unity 3D on Linux but it doesn’t work perfectly. Unity 3D needs a very good performance to render all graphics. That’s why game developers are waiting for the Linux version that could be started with no troubles.

So far, I am forced to use Torque 3D that is now open and free to use. Unity must change its policy not to be behind. The first step to do that is releasing the Unity Editor for Linux. Authors of good software can’t simply ignore Linux users.

So, I’m waiting…

Zombie Soldiers from Swamps, I — maybe better than Battlefield and Call of Duty

Zombie Soldiers from Swamps, I — maybe better than Battlefield and Call of Duty


Because I’m working over more advanced projects, I made a decision to make my game “Zombie Soldiers From Swamps – I” available for free for all people. You can play and copy it, but you can’t sell it or get money in other ways from this software. If you want to use it for commercial purposes, please contact me.

Here are some links on my game on YouTube:

To test the previous version of my game for free, please go to the links:!zsfs-i-demo/c1za9!zsfs-i—shootTo purchase our

To download the full version of my game (upgraded):

If any problems, doubts and questions, just contact me at:

Thank you!

Tomasz “Tomza” Zackiewicz

Lina IT Technologies

My First Game — “Zombie Soldiers from Swamps, I”

My First Game — “Zombie Soldiers from Swamps, I”


It’s a good time for me and my company — I’ve just finished my first game “Zombie Soldiers from Swamps, I”. You can buy the game sending a request at email:

The cost of the game is $10.

Please look for more information on my website and in the Internet. or just contact me.

Best wishes!