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Unreal Engine 4 Set Up for Programming in Visual Studio 2013

There are many tutorials and other info in the Internet, but no concrete and fast tips for people who are experienced developers and only need to start using the Unreal environment for making games.

You need:

1/ Unreal Engine 4

2/ Visual Studio Community 2013

3/ Visual Studio 2013 SDK

You do:

1/ Install Visual Studio 2013

2/ Install Visual Studio 2013 SDK

3/ Install Unreal Engine 4

4/ Follow the steps: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Programming/Development/VisualStudioSetup/UnrealVS/index.html

5/ Run Unreal Engine 4 and choose the project template with C++ code not with blueprints

6/ Your chosen project should be open in Visual Studio 2013

7/Now, the Unreal power is in your hand if you are an experienced programmer.




Zombie Soldiers from Swamps, I — maybe better than Battlefield and Call of Duty

Zombie Soldiers from Swamps, I — maybe better than Battlefield and Call of Duty


Because I’m working over more advanced projects, I made a decision to make my game “Zombie Soldiers From Swamps – I” available for free for all people. You can play and copy it, but you can’t sell it or get money in other ways from this software. If you want to use it for commercial purposes, please contact me.

Here are some links on my game on YouTube:




To test the previous version of my game for free, please go to the links:


http://tomaszzackiewicz.wix.com/lina-it-technologies#!zsfs-i—shootTo purchase our

To download the full version of my game (upgraded):


If any problems, doubts and questions, just contact me at:


Thank you!

Tomasz “Tomza” Zackiewicz

Lina IT Technologies