Publisher’s Reply

One of the publisher’s replies (according to Brian Woods from Fantasy Writers):

Dear writer,
Thank you for taking time to send us your manuscript. While we did enjoy the story, and liked your style of writing, we feel it is not the right manuscript for us. Thank you.

Shit! These words are worse than swearwords. We writers hate such replies. Fuck you publishers! Some day, you will be begging to come. I know that. Your mistakes make you lose money.

2 thoughts on “Publisher’s Reply

  1. amberskyef

    My friend got tired of hearing that too, so she self-published her book. I don’t know what her sells are, but they must be good if she’s now deciding to put her book in print. I went the independent house route and got a very personal assessment with my acceptance letter.

    They just have so many books they have to go through and because of this, because they sucked in other smaller companies, they have to accept books based on pure marketing. And it’s annoying. And a bad move on their part, because once a company starts becoming about the money, that company begins to flounder.

    1. tomaszzackiewicz Post author

      Yes, I know. I’m an experienced writer. I’m publishing with Polish publishing house with no problems. I’m successful. However, I have some problems with my English books. The problem is that my English isn’t perfect. English is my second language; I’m Polish. Thanks for all. Best wishes!


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