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“The Type or Namespace ‘GTK’ could not be found” error – MonoDevelop on Linux

“The Type or Namespace ‘GTK’ could not be found” error – MonoDevelop on Linux

MonoDevelop 3.0.6
GTK# 2.12
openSuse 13.1

When you press F5 to build and get this error in MonoDevelop, just go to:

Project -> Your Project name Options -> Build -> General

You probably see:

Target Framework: Mono /.Net 3.5

Change it to:

Target Framework: Mono /.Net 4.0

Do all what MonoDevelop wants from you. Now, your project has no errors during building.

Zombie Soldiers from Swamps, I — maybe better than Battlefield and Call of Duty

Zombie Soldiers from Swamps, I — maybe better than Battlefield and Call of Duty


Because I’m working over more advanced projects, I made a decision to make my game “Zombie Soldiers From Swamps – I” available for free for all people. You can play and copy it, but you can’t sell it or get money in other ways from this software. If you want to use it for commercial purposes, please contact me.

Here are some links on my game on YouTube:

To test the previous version of my game for free, please go to the links:!zsfs-i-demo/c1za9!zsfs-i—shootTo purchase our

To download the full version of my game (upgraded):

If any problems, doubts and questions, just contact me at:

Thank you!

Tomasz “Tomza” Zackiewicz

Lina IT Technologies

My First Game — “Zombie Soldiers from Swamps, I”

My First Game — “Zombie Soldiers from Swamps, I”


It’s a good time for me and my company — I’ve just finished my first game “Zombie Soldiers from Swamps, I”. You can buy the game sending a request at email:

The cost of the game is $10.

Please look for more information on my website and in the Internet. or just contact me.

Best wishes!

Arrays in C#

Arrays in C#

using System;

class Tabl
public static void Main()
int[] Oken = new int[10];
Oken[0] = 1;
Oken[1] = 2;
Oken[2] = 3;
Oken[3] = 4;
Oken[4] = 5;
Oken[5] = 6;
Oken[6] = 7;
Oken[7] = 8;
Oken[8] = 9;
Oken[9] = 10;

Oken[5] = 122222;

We have the result:

D:\SharpDevelop Projects\CSharp>cs17

D:\SharpDevelop Projects\CSharp>

goto in C#

goto in C#

goto label;

using System;
class Ok
public static void Main()
Console.WriteLine(“Let’s check ‘goto'”);
goto pak;
Console.WriteLine(“It’s not displayed”);
Console.WriteLine(“It’s displayed”);

We have the result:

D:\SharpDevelop Projects\CSharp>csc cs15.cs
Microsoft (R) Visual C# 2010 Compiler version 4.0.30319.1
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

cs15.cs(8,1): warning CS0162: Unreachable code detected

D:\SharpDevelop Projects\CSharp>cs15
Let’s check ‘goto’
It’s displayed

D:\SharpDevelop Projects\CSharp>

It’s not good to use goto too often. We should avoid it, but sometimes we need that.