CIA Prisons in Poland and Romania

Some years ago, the people in Poland got the news that the CIA were keeping Afghan fighters in Poland and Romania. The prisoners were taken from Afghanistan, and then they were detained in a secret base in Masuria (Northern Poland). Later, they were transported to Guantanamo (Cuba).

Our politicians, asked by journalists, denied. But we know they were lying. Some people saw American military aircrafts and black cars. This proceeding broke our and international laws. And our politicians still had no idea of that. Really? Human rights defenders in the USA found some evidences there that Americans were detaining the Afghan prisoners, but our politicians kept on lying.

Well, politicians are liars not only in Poland. I don’t trust politicians, and you shouldn’t trust either. They are cheating people all the time, and you should observe that the change of governments doesn’t work. They all are the same — liars and bastards. FUCK POLITICIANS AND THE SYSTEM!

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